AIT Research

Research and surveys of the adult or erotic labor markets in the U.S.

AIT Research - Research and surveys of the adult or erotic labor markets in the U.S.

Researcher Bios

Serpent Libertine is a sex worker, activist, filmmaker, and sex educator based in the Chicago-area.  She is an organizer with Sex Workers Outreach Project-Chicago, former media team coordinator for the Desiree Alliance, an organizer with the Chicago Recovery Alliance’s “Recovery Rags” program and created the sex worker-made media site Red Light District Chicago.   She has lectured on issues related to sex work and trafficking at various colleges and universities including Northwestern University, DePaul University, University of Maryland, the University of Illinois at Chicago and is the current host of the “Chicago Sex Tour” for the Discovery Center.

Crysta Heart has worked in a variety of areas of adult entertainment for 15 years. Raised with philanthropic beliefs, she has been an active human and animal rights advocate and activist since 1987. Crysta became proactive in the sex workers rights movement after attending the first Desiree Alliance conference. After meeting and being inspired by Robyn Few, she started SWOP-MI in 2006. She uses a social justice approach to serve and educate her community. Crysta believes in the recognition of all to consensually and fluidly explore and express their spiritual and sexual selves as they choose is right for them.

Social Science Research Center at DePaul University. The SSRC promotes, enhances, facilitates, and supports faculty, staff, and student engagement in methodologically diverse, socially relevant research by providing the physical space and human capital necessary to develop a robust infrastructure for designing research projects, assisting Behavioral and Social Science Research/Researchers (BSSR/s) to procure intramural and extramural funding for research, implement funded research programs, and craft mutually productive and rewarding collaborations with community organizations and other universities.

•Research in service of the public well being and social justice

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