AIT Research

Research and surveys of the adult or erotic labor markets in the U.S.

AIT Research - Research and surveys of the adult or erotic labor markets in the U.S.


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Please take a few moments (usually around 10 minutes) to take our anonymous survey about human trafficking in the erotic labor markets!

Even if you don’t think you’ve ever seen or experienced any direct contact with human trafficking, your input is still important!

We value your viewpoint, and please share with anyone else you know that participates in the various types of erotic labor in the US!


Welcome to AIT Research and thank you for visiting the site.

Our mission statement:

  • To help collect and distribute quality research about the diverse experiences of those involved in erotic labor and commercialized sex industries in the U.S.

About our surveys:

  • We want to create safe outlets for those involved in buying/selling sexual fantasy services or erotic labor to be able to share their experiences without fear of judgement or reprisal.
  • We honor and respect the differences between consensual sexual labor done by choice or due to circumstance, versus forced sexual labor, or trafficking.
  • We feel it is important to create data that includes a wide variety of experiences about the sex trade to help provide more accurate information, and understanding about the various erotic labor/adult service industries.

Who we are:

  • We are veteran sex workers, who have many years of experience working in various forms of adult entertainment and the commercial sex industry.  We all share a strong belief in sex worker rights, including taking a stance against any and all forms of violence or abuse perpetrated upon any person involved in the various sex work industries.
    • Serpent Libertine from SWOP-Chicago
    • Crysta Heart from SWOP-Michigan

    This survey is also being conducted with guidance and partnership from the Social Science Research Center at DePaul University in Chicago, IL. As of July 2013 we have received approval from the Institutional Review Board at DePaul’s Sociology department which approves, monitors, and reviews biomedical and behavioral research involving humans with the aim to protect the rights and welfare of the research subjects.

Please take a look around, and if you are involved in any way with the buying or selling of erotic labor, please take our anonymous survey and SHARE YOUR TRUTH!