AIT Research

Research and surveys of the adult or erotic labor markets in the U.S.

AIT Research - Research and surveys of the adult or erotic labor markets in the U.S.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why are you doing these surveys?

For one simple reason: there is not enough data about the adult entertainment, erotic labor and commercialized sex industries.  And we know why-our fear of judgment, our fear of being “outed” and ostracized by our families and communities, and for some, the fear of legal fallout that ranges from criminal charges to child custody issues.  The concerns are well founded, but also prevent outsiders from understanding the complex issues involved in our community, as well as the vast diversity of experiences.  Our hope is that we can increase that participation on some level by offering safe reporting options from fellow industry professionals.  Long term we hope that increased participation will effect both public and political change in ways that support civil, human and labor rights on all levels within our industries.

Why should we trust you?

We understand that not everyone will  know us, or know of us, but the main persons involved in this project are all advocates and activists for sex worker rights, as well as having long standing careers in the sex trades themselves.  Our histories and experiences will show a strong background in supporting and protecting the rights of those within our community.  The current researchers have a combined total of over 25 years of experience working in the sex industry, with ties to activist networks that help add perspective regarding the diversity within our community (as a whole).  We have set up the survey to be anonymous, with the IP tracking turned off, and SSL encryption enabled to protect the identities and answers of those responding. In the future, we hope to continue to expand options for how to participate in surveys as more funding becomes available.

The persons heading the research may change in future studies, but the formula will be consistent: all research will be headed by a group of industry insiders.  Support may be given by trusted academics, but the research will always be controlled and driven by those within our community.  We feel this is essential in providing a safe outlet where the concerns of those participating are understood and taken seriously.

Why US participants only?

For the time being, we are choosing to focus on US based research because that is the primary location of our experience and advocacy.  Also, we feel we first need to expand the research done within the US before we can contribute more fully in larger, global perspectives regarding sex work and adult industries.

Why only workers, management, supplementary staff, consumers of sex trade?

This research project is specifically designed to capture information from industry insiders, and to highlight the perspective of those directly involved in the adult entertainment and sex trades (including those that do not provide those services, but may work in close proximity or in a supplemental fashion to the worker or establishment).  For far too long, those outside of the industry have weighed in on what they think about our industries, making assumptions and passing policy without having an accurate understanding of the range of experiences out there.  We feel strongly that the input of all backgrounds should be represented in these conversations, and not watered down by those that have not had direct involvement in the sex trades.  This will allow for clearer representation for our communities in the media and in public policy making.  Nothing about us, without us!

If I take this survey online, will my IP or any other information be tracked to figure out who I am?

No, IP tracking has been turned off, and SSL encryption is enabled to protect your answers as you enter them.

What if I still am not comfortable taking the survey online?

Right now you can choose to print off the appropriate survey option to fill out and mail in anonymously.  We hope to offer other reporting options in the future as we find more funding for this project.  Please continue to check back for when those options are made available.

If I admit to breaking the law in this survey, can I be arrested or prosecuted?

No.  This survey is designed to be anonymous specifically so that people will be comfortable talking openly about their experiences without fear of retribution or prosecution.  We are following IRB guidelines to protect the rights and concerns of our participants.

What happens if I accidentally give too much identifying information about myself?

Any information that might identify a respondent will be omitted or deleted all together.  Our number one priority is trust and safety, number two is data collection.

Will I be spammed or put on any mailing lists if I take this survey?

No.  You will not be asked for any identifying information (like email address) to take the survey, and IP tracking is off.  There is no way for  us to know who is taking this survey, or what email address they have.

What are you  planning to do with the results of this survey?

We will create industry specific protocols for safe options on reporting suspected human trafficking based on the information provided.  We will also use the information to educate the public about our findings through written works, public speaking and other possible media outlets.  Overall, the information we gather in this survey will be used to help take the lead on the  trafficking issue, as we feel that our close proximity puts us in a position where we are best suited to respond to this problem.